Clee Hills Trial 2024 - Information

This year, the Clee Hills Trial changes significantly, and yet it stays the same.   At the summit of the organization we have a new club – Midland Manor Motor Club, but below them the organising team remains the same.   Clerk of Course - Simon Woodall; Chief Marshal - Adrian Tucker-Peake; Secretay of Meeting – Pat Toulmin. plus their stalwart assistants – Barbara Selkirk; Richard Houlgate; Mark Powis; Graham Austin

The route remains very similar to last year, what the pre-Covid regulars would recognise as the “Eastern Loop”.    We lose one section, and gain one new one that we already passed on last year’s route   Everyone will do all the same hills, but with Class O missing out those deemed not suitable.   No special class for the HSTA Heritage cars, but they are welcome in Class O.   Bikes will be expected to have factory fitted lights, unless running in Class X.   Once again we will be offering the option of Shared Drives, this is NOT double-running, the car gets one score regardless of which person drives the section, rather like the drivers in long-distance sports car racing.

The start is once again at The Squirrel in Ludlow, with the Travelodge next door one on side, and petrol at the Co-op on the other side.   Could a start be more convenient?   Signing On reverts to paper and Scrutineering will be carried out electronically, but we will have an official wandering around the carpark making random checks.   The route will be just under 75 miles (this is not just luck, Motorsport UK has a price change at 75 miles so we like to keep below that.), with a fuel stop at about half way round.

Riders of the heavier “Himalayan” bikes have had their criticisms noted and will have a slightly easier route this time round.


Final Results for the 2024 Clee Hills Trial


The 2024 Regulations:

The 2024 Clee Hills Trial Supplementary Regulations - Cars

The 2024 Clee Hills Trial Supplementary Regulations - Bikes

2024 Entry List now available


Clee Hills Trial 2023 ran on the 22nd January

 There were Classes for Two, Three and Four wheelers. 

The start was once again at The Squirrel in Ludlow, with the Travelodge next door on one side, and petrol at the Co-op on the other side. Could a start be more convenient?

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